Build an AI chatbot for healthcare

Use Vellum to build the backend of an AI chatbot for your patients. Answer patient questions, schedule appointments, provide useful health info, then track this data to enhance your LLM outputs.

Screenshot of Vellum's playground
Powering LLM Use Cases for Hundreds of innovative companies

Confidently go from prototype to production

Vellum helps you along the AI adoption curve. Go from prototype, to deployed prompt, to optimized model in three steps.

1. Efficiently go from 0 -> 1

Quickly iterate to find the best prompt, model provider, model, and parameters for your use-case – all while using data specific to your company.

2. Simple API interface

Use Vellum's LLM-provider-agnostic API to interface with deployed prompts/models in production. Compatible with popular open-source libraries like LlamaIndex.

3. Measure and iterate

Vellum automatically captures all the data needed to know how your models are performing in production so that you can improve them over time.

Choosing Vellum Over the Assistants API

More Control

With Vellum you have total ownership of your RAG process, prompts, models and tools you use.


Vellum provides a shared workspace where Engineers, PMs and Domain experts can collaborate on building LLM features.

Evaluation & Monitoring

Every model input, output, and end-user feedback is captured and made visible at both the row-level and in aggregate.

"Vellum has completely transformed our company's LLM development process. We've seen atleast a 5x improvement in productivity while building AI powered features"

Eric Lee, Partner & CTO of Left Field Labs

Everything you need to build & deploy AI chatbot for healthcare

User Information - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Rapid experimentation

No more juggling browser tabs and tracking results in spreadsheets.

Deal Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Regression testing

Test changes to your prompts and models before they go into production against a bank of test cases + recently made requests.

Email Tracking - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Your data as context

Dynamically include company-specific context in your prompts without managing your own semantic search infra.

Pipeline Management - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Version control

Track what's worked and what hasn't. Upgrade to new prompts/models or revert when needed – no code changes required.

Reporting Dashboard - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Observability & monitoring

See exactly what you're sending to models and what they're giving back. View metrics like quality, latency, and cost over time.

Meeting Scheduling - Dataplus X Webflow Template

Provider agnostic

Use the best provider and model for the job, swap when needed. Avoid tightly coupling your business to just one LLM provider.