Build Content Generation Features for Production

Use Vellum to test, evaluate and productionize LLM features for content generation like writing blog posts, emails or other type of content.

Screenshot of Vellum's playground

Develop Production-Grade

Content Generation App


Use proprietary data as context in your LLM calls.

Prompt Playground

Side-by-side prompt and model comparisons.


Integrate business logic, data, APIs & dynamic prompts.


Find the best prompt/model mix across various scenarios.


Track, debug and monitor production requests.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to make an AI content generator?

To create an AI content generator:

  1. Choose a model like GPT-4 (OpenAI) or a similar model.
  2. Use an AI product development platform or code it from scratch;
  3. Test with various prompts/model settings to identify which combination gives the best answer;
  4. Develop an interface for users to input prompts;
  5. Capture implicit or explicit feedback from your app;
  6. Continuously update your workflow using production data;